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I am 46 years old and fairly new to the CBD world, however, I was recently diagnosed with Lupus. My world has changed dramatically. I’m a personal trainer and I’m used to being sore, but this is different. This is a pain in my joints like I have never felt before. On the advice of my mother, I started using CBD-A Premier 25 and was blown away. It took about a week or so to get into my system, but the difference has been incredible. At one point, my pain got a bit worse. Soon I called the shop and they told me to adjust my dosage. They explained the beauty of making your own capsules! I am now able to live a fairly pain-free life, without pharmaceuticals.

K. Palmer

New Orleans,  Louisiana

Hope ya’ll are well this Merry season upon us. Strange year. Just a note to let you know that the Kitty Kure is working miracles for my cat. I have an 11 year old “Blue Russian” named “Sweetie” One day last winter he wasn’t his normal self. Kind of sluggish, standoffish, and generally not really himself. Had thought of taking him to  the vet’s, but I decided to call you instead. After giving him the Kitty cure drops in his food, within 2 days he was back to himself and my “buddy” once again.  

As you can see in the picture above. He is very happy to have Kitty Kure every day! Thank you so much for creating such an outstanding product for my “Sweetie” and for human use as well.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Robert Patterson

Hot Springs Village,  Arkansas

I am writing to thank you and tell you how the Enteric CBD Full Spectrum Capsules have changed our lives.  
A year ago my 84-year-old husband was suffering from pain in his back and right buttock that made it hard for him to walk or stand.  He had tried a laminectomy & epidural shots along with the usual pain meds. He also suffered from mental confusion & balance issues after a trip to the hospital and over medication for a misdiagnosed stroke (he has Hyponatremia).
What has changed his life is the Enteric CBD Full Spectrum Capsules.  The pain is gone!!
After a gradual six month improvement, he is playing 18 holes of golf again and recently got his 3rd-lifetime “hole in one” We can now take walks together, we dance, we laugh, his memory continues to improve, and best of all, he feels comfortable and happy all of the time.

Leslie Simon

Bend, OR

I have been a type 2 diabetic for over 10 years and my feet have been a problem.  However, after soaking my feet in Himalayan Salts purchased from Sher-Ray Organic Cosmetics in Bend, Oregon my feet have never felt better.

On a recent trip the pain in my feet became a problem until my wife applied CBD (premier 15) another great product of Sher-Ray Organics and after 10 minutes the pain was gone.

These products worked for me and I have told many of my friends with aches and pains to get the above product

Bert Lukens

Owner, Corvette of Bend

Let me start by saying the Full Throttle works almost instantly! I developed a case of tendonitis on my wrist after an untreated weightlifting injury 3 years ago. I’ve been dealing with the pain and after hearing about this product I just had to try it, as it came highly recommended. Being a firefighter, I need something to ease the pain quickly after a rough call. I’m very pleased with the effectiveness of the product!
LT. Jarret W.

Firefighter in VA

I was first introduced to Premier 15 when I began having knee issues. A replacement was in order, but I would have to wait for 2 months. Premier 15 applied topically sustained me during that time and I was able to go about my usual daily business with little to no pain – an amazing product!

After knee surgery, I was wrapped up and stapled rendering me unable to apply topically. At that time, I decided to try it orally – what a revelation! Orally, Premier 15 was now addressing my entire body, not just me knee! Sherry’s Premier 15 provides a “whole body experience” wellness. I take it twice daily and I am free of all my aches and pains.

I strongly recommend and endorse this product. In my word it’s a liquid miracle!

Jamie Pagano

Nurse Practitioner, Bend, OR

My daughter recently purchased a product from Sher Ray Inc. in Bend, Oregon.

The product is Ladybug Hemp’s Power House, a CBD salve.

I applied it to a painful area and it relieved the pain that I have lived with for 20 years.

Thank you Sher Ray!

H. A. McCormick

My left hip was replaced June 22, 2018. Instead of using opioids to recover I used the Full Throttle CBD Salve. It worked its magic and, incredibly, I had no pain during recovery. I am walking 2+ miles now!
Marilyn K. Smith

Retired Teacher, Osteoarthritis sufferer

I’m an active athlete and have pain in my joints and ligaments which I use over the counter meds, topical, etc. for relief. I tried Sherry’s CBD Premier 15 and within minutes the pain was GONE. I now can stay active with the feeling of long term relief. I’m a convert. Keep making these great products!
Delmar Haley

Director of US Sales, Katena

I have been using CBD Premier Oil for about a year now.
Two years ago I had to have a metal “plug”inserted into the sinus tarsi of my left ankle to help with severe pronation resulting from MS weakness.  This helped with my ankle structure but I had continuing pain resulting from the metal insertion.  That is when I started researching hemp oil for pain reduction and found Sher-Ray’s CBD Premier 15 Oil.  What a marvelous product!  It was the first time in a year that I felt almost instant pain relief.  I used the oil daily for a month and now use it whenever I have any pain from overuse.
Thank you, Sherry!
Janet Langland

Redmond, OR

Sherry Raymond-Coblantz has created a CBD oil that has remarkable pain relieving properties. I have used this oil in my Internal Medicine practice for patients with chronic back pain, who have been on long term narcotics and have had incredible success not only with pain relief, but with the ability to decrease the narcotic pain medication. I intend to use the CBD oil (Premier 15) as an adjunct for the treatment of chronic pain in my patients.


I recently had some lower back and left hip pain. It came on suddenly, but was significant and would rate it 8/10 on a 1-10 pain scale, with 10 being the worse pain and 1 little pain. I used a small amount of the Premier CBD and rubbed it into my lower back and left hip. Within 5 minutes, my lower back and hip pain was gone! Thank you so much for creating this wonderful product!!! I will be using it again in the future!


I have Parkinson’s disease that is manifesting mostly in my legs. There are times when I’ve over done it climbing up and down ladders hanging art work, while Sherry and her staff have had to listen to us pounding nails from our art gallery next door. Sherry has seen me getting progressively worse, having more P.D. days and limping more and more often.

She wanted to help. It’s what she does, Sherry’s mission is to help people. She asked me to try soaking my feet in hot water w/her powdered Himalayan bath salts, then when my pores are happy and open I rub her CBD Premier 15 oil into my feet for at least 5 minutes. Well that in and of itself helps quite a lot but then the magic begins! At first I felt tingling and some relaxing of my muscles. But… The longer I’ve used this, the longer the results seem to last! It’s apparently building up in my system and giving me more and more relief without taking harsh chemicals!

If you have sore muscles, this oil is amazing. I’ve tried it on 2 of my friends. Brad is a carpenter and has really crampy hands, while he does need to get the hemp oil into his system it did give him some relief that evening, (much to his surprise!)

This is not an instant “cure”. Like just about anything it needs to get into your system by regular massaging and usage. Small price to pay for relief from pain that has no side effects. It’s completely natural, what’s not to love?!



I was recently treated by radiation for breast cancer. Before and throughout my treatment I used Premier 15. My skin responded so well to these products! It wasn’t until I ran out that I felt “discomfort”. It took me a couple of days to totally realize how much Ladybug Hemp products had kept me out of pain and discomfort throughout my treatment – Thank You!


I recently went to a doctor to address very intense pain in my right shoulder. I was basically told I needed a new shoulder without much of an examination, so I decided to try out the Premier 15 to see if it would work. I went to Mirror Priorities in Redmond, where I was treated very nicely, I might add. The person that sold it to me was very knowledgeable. I had been in so much pain that I was not sleeping very well and I was tired of taking NSAIDs for the pain. I can honestly tell you, within a week, I am pain free. I am a real believer in a more natural approach to pain relief and this has been a miracle for me. I have convinced some of my closest friends to buy this and can’t wait to hear how it will be helping them, as well. I do agree there is no substitute for quality medical care, but in my case, this little bottle has been a life saver. Thank you for making such a great product!
Dennis Fehling


I have Metatarsalgia of the right foot. The pain in the ball of my foot is severe. The doctor suggested a cortisone shot, which I decided to postpone. I’ve received great relief with Premier 15. It has helped me immensely in managing the pain. Premier 15 paired with an ice pack has allowed me to continue working, where I am on my feet!
Janet Laurin

Whittier, CA

Owner of the Dancing Dolphins learn to swim program

I am a swim professional.
I have been using the heavenly hemp cream for 2 months now.
It’s my go to inflammation cream.
I find immediate release of muscle tension in my neck and shoulders.
I have some carpal tunnel issues with holding children all day, the heavenly hemp cream gives so much relief in my thumbs and hands.
I love every Sher Ray product I’ve tried.



I am doing really well with the Premier 15 CBD Oil. I use it once or twice a day on my elbows and can really feel the difference!


CBD Premier 15 eased the discomfort of shingles pain when no other medicine or topical treatment worked. Even though I was initially skeptical because the ingredients are so unusual. I highly recommend Sher Ray’s products for pain and discomfort.


Love LBH products. Using the “secret sauce” on Dan’s back twice a day. He says shooting pains have stopped. Any improvement for him is major. You all have such a good vibe at your store. I wanted to lie down and take a nap it was so refreshing and relaxing!! Thanks for all of the attention, help and extra sample goodies. I have ordered one of the extra goodies online….the Evening Dream cream. Thanks again.


Ladybug Hemp Premier 15 is second to none! I have used it over the past year for various aches and pains on myself, family, and friends. It has proven to provide almost instant pain relief and has a healing effect when applied topically to the area of concern. I used it specifically for sciatica and for digestion on a few people with excellent results. I have also used of many of Sher Ray’s topical facial oils over the years and they are without a doubt the cleanest, most effective oils I have ever used for anti aging and moisture enhancement. Thank you Sherry for the amazing products and service you and your team always provide!


I decided to try this product from Sher Ray because it does not produce any sort of high as it is derived from hemp. It is an incredible inflammation reduction product. I feel relief almost immediately. My husband has arthritis in his hands and when he rubs in a drop or two on his knuckles, the inflammation is reduced and the pain is gone. CBD Premier 15 is mixed with Sher Ray’s many natural organic oils, the combination of her oils and the CBD is the best thing I have found, it really works. I have tried other products with CBD and they just don’t even begin to compare. I have bone on bone arthritis in my shoulder and even though Sherry told me her product probably won’t help that, it did. It reduced the inflammation that I get in my shoulder then the pain is reduced as well. It is so great to find a product that is not a prescription for pain and that works so efficiently. I highly recommend Premier 15 to anyone who is in pain.


Last year my husband started having pain in the arch of his foot to the point that he was having difficulty walking. Preferring to do as much “doctoring” naturally as possible, I did some research and happened upon your website. We figured it was worth a try so we purchased the CBD Premier 15. Within a day or two his pain was gone and he hasn’t had a reoccurrence since. I’m sold! I also picked up several bars of your soap…wonderful!


I have been dealing with an ongoing meniscus (knee) pain and have been using opiates to cope. I have been looking for an alternative solution and came across Ladybug Hemp Organics CBD Line. After incorporating the CBD Premier 15 into my daily regimen, I am now able to go on walks, bicycle, and ride dirt bikes. The fact that Ladybug Hemp is 100% legal in all states. causes no buzz, and I can pass a federal drug test for work, was another great reason I was willing to try the alternative hemp option.

I highly recommend the Premier 15 to anyone who is experiencing arthritic or joint pain and looking for a natural remedy.



First time I’ve been pain free in 3 years! After back surgery, I relied on a narcotic type drug for pain relief and was concerned about the effect of it on my body long term. When I applied the Premier 15 on my back, I noticed my arthritis in my hands was relieved!

I just want to say thank you to Sher Ray for making my life way more enjoyable! My outlook on life and my energy level has improved!



My husband used this CBD product for longterm hand pain. He has tried other CBD products and the prescription Voltaren Gel and had no relief. This product, though, have him repaid and significant pain relief. We were very impressed with the product.


I rolled my ankle working in the shop. It was only a sprain but the pains intense. I had a project that was time sensitive and I needed to complete. After a few hours of struggling with my ankle and the pain, I went to see Sher Ray and one of her technicians applied CBD Premier 15 to my ankle. Within a short period of time, the pain subsided. Within hours I was moving and working full speed and was able to complete the project on time!


I have suffered from migraines for 15+ years and have been using Ladybug Hemp CBD products for the past few months. I use them every night before bed and not only do I sleep better, but I just feel better in general. But the most amazing thing is that I have reduced my migraines to almost zero! The few times that I’ve had one, it was just very faint…like a shadow of the pain, rather than the extreme pain that used to send me to bed. I am so excited to have found Sher-Ray and her amazing Hemp CBD products and I am recommending them to everyone!


I have an inflamed bursa in my right hip that wants to live with me forever. A good nights sleep was not possible no matter which way I turned. I tried pain pills and I would have an allergic reaction. When I saw a Sher-Ray CBD ad in the paper with a testimonial from Anita Kolisch, M.D. (she was my doctor unit she moved out of the area) I decided to give it a try. The results were unbelievable with the Premier 15, it takes an hour before it starts its pain relieving magic on me but then takes away the discomfort for up to 12 hours. Since I have a real sensitivity to most drugs, I was reluctant to use even OTC pain killers (Naproxen, Ibuprofen, etc.) and find it reassuring that CBD doesn’t have side effects and is not taken orally.


Today is one week from the first day I rubbed in some of the Premier 15 CBD oil that Sherry sent me. For the first time in months I have been pain free for a whole day. Usually when I stand for a while or start to walk the piriformis muscle on the right side starts to cause me intense pain, and I need to sit down until it relaxes. I can’t tell you how excited I am. This is the 4th CBD product I have used and the only one that has given me results. Thank you Sherry!


Premier 15 CBD oil from Sher-Ray Cosmetics really works for me. My fingers were swollen with arthritis, curled inward and ached. Today my hands look normal, move freely and don’t hurt. I use one drop each morning in each hand and massage them for a few minutes. The CBD oil really does reduce inflammation and alleviates pain. I shake hands now without wincing and my hands are not claws. I use forks and pencils equally easy. In short, my hands are like they were twenty years ago. Thanks Sherry for giving me my hands back!


In a fall I dislocated my shoulder, broke off a piece of bone, tore the rotator cuff, and damaged the brachial plexus group of nerves, losing all use of my left shoulder, arm, and hand. The nerve pain was constant and severe.  Facing a  2+ year recovery,  I tried 2 other CBD pain formulas, then found Premier 15 – what a blessing!   It got me through physical therapy without pain meds! It’s a bit more expensive, but IT WORKS, and you use relatively small amounts, so it is cost-effective.  I also suffer from frequent hours-long leg cramps, and was stunned to discover that it really helps shut them down, too!  Ladybug products are awesome – try them!
Susan Cook

Redmond, OR