Respiratory Remedy


Respiratory Remedy is an extremely powerful recipe that was created to treat colds and other illnesses. This formula works by not allowing the viruses to replicate. Within hours or sometimes 24-48 hours, you will experience decongestion and other symptom relief.

Directions: Place the diffuser no closer than 6-8 feet from where you sleep (as the formula is is very strong). Start by filling your diffuser only with distilled water. Using tap water can make the chemicals like lead and arsenic to be inhaled and attached to your lungs. Once you have added the distilled water, add 12 drops from the RR and run continuously for at least 24 hours. This formula works best during sleep - when your body does its best work.

*If you get COIVD you can combine this diffuser formulation with our full spectrum CBD capsules for your holistic health*