Sherry may have out done herself when she created this super concentrated CBD that will allow for ease of application, while delivering the highest amount of Full Spectrum Hemp CBD possible!

Besides Organic CBD, Sherry believes in CBN, CBG, & CBC to support and enhance the CBD, which is considered to be “Full Spectrum”. It is an arnica salve base, which in itself has a pain relieving effect. Along with the exotic pain relieving essential oils. Sherry is one of the few in the industry, that uses essential oils to enhance the effects of CBD. She started researching and using essential oils when she was 17 years of age. Her knowledge is superior to most in the CBD and essential oil industry. She began researching CBD in her Dad’s Lab in Miami during the 60’s. She bought the CBD from Amsterdam and brought in through customs as Tabaco Juice. When comparing “Full Throttle” with other salves or creams, check the amount of CBD mg per Gram. Ours is 220 mg per Gram, one of the highest in the country. A tiny amount relieves pain in about 20 to 30 minutes, when rubbed in for 3 minutes. The salve has no artificial ingredients and therefore, the product is non-toxic. The container is biophotonic UV glass, which prevents CBD from degrading. Our organic products (CBD) can have a shelf life up to five years, as long as it is kept in the natural light 6 hours a day. Storing it in closed compartments, can reduce the shelf-life drastically.