CBD Formula 8A



This PATENTED FORMULA is now infused with Full Spectrum CBD.

As with all of my Formulas, Formula 8-A must be shaken vigorously before use. Formula 8-A is for nighttime use only! Sunlight can damage your skin with vitamin A (retinyl palmitate) exposure. It is a prime active ingredient in Formula 8-A. Apply after cleansing your face and neck with the hot washcloth method; see YouTube video for further instruction.

The vitamin A (retinyl palmitate) in Formula 8-A may do more to reduce fine lines and wrinkles than any other ingredient. My essential oils are a gentle yet effective way to bring the vitamin A (retinyl palmitate) to the dermis for a deeper penetration. Most cosmetics use an alcohol-type product with vitamin A (retinyl palmitate) for absorption that dries your skin.

Many vitamin A (retinyl palmitate) products have hundreds of synthetic additives whose safety has been tested on animals, not humans. I believe there is a big difference between human skin and animal skin. I have tested all my ingredients on myself.  Of course, always do a patch test before using any new cosmetic product on your face.

Since beta-carotene is fat-soluble, it accumulates in the fat tissue in your body.

You can layer this Super Serum. When layering any of my Formulas, you must let the skin dry thoroughly and wait 15-20 minutes between applications.

I use Formula 8 first and then I layer it with Formula 8-A. I like to nourish my skin while sleeping. Also, if you get up during the night you can smooth on a bit of Formula 8-A around the mouth to help keep fine lines at bay.

The secret of layering is to take the time to dry between layers. No hair dryers please. Formula 8-A is a must-have for every woman’s face over 30.


Before using any new product, always do a patch test. See our web video.  Shake well. For night use only.  If you use a cleanser, cleanse face first.  Take hot wash cloth to open your pores, using an upward motion 4 or 5 times.  Leave face damp.  Remove outer cap of bottle, give one/two pumps into your palm.  Dip fingers into oil and stroke in a massaging upward motion.  You need only a thin coat.  Let absorb for 15 minutes.  May be used with Formula 8 as a top layer.


Please Note: This is a patented CBD skincare product.

Patent 8986755