• Marlene Hunchberger - It has been a blessing finding Sher-Rays' products because I suffer with Fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis since 1991 - which has impacted every joint in my body. I am allergic to aspirin and all other over the counter and prescribed pain relievers. Ladybug Full Spectrum CBD products have saved me from pain and I love them! WHAT A LIFESAVER!
  • I am so grateful to have been shown the Full Throttle. Due to autoimmune issues I struggle with severe muscle pain at all times and had not found or tried anything that has helped relieve the pain. I was so excited to try the Full Throttle that I used a small amount, in a high problem area, right when I got to my car. Within the hour I was completely pain free, in that location. I have not experienced that comfort or any relief in over a year and I'm blown away by the true effectiveness of this product. Also, a little goes a long way! Thank you so much!
  • Formula 8 is delightful and an elixir worth its weight in gold. I just turned 40, have dehydrated skin, character lines starting to appear and rosacea on my cheeks (the joys of aging). Formula 8 has a potent yet pleasant smell, is rich without being oily and absorbs into the skin, not sitting on top all greasy. Assists significantly with lines and was non irritating, calmed the redness on my cheeks. I wear it under my moisturizer in the morning and follow it up with a natural mineral makeup - plumbs my skin, natural glow.
  • I have been taking CBD oils on and off again for years now trying this product and that product never really finding anything I really loved and wanted to stick to. I had the pleasure of meeting Sherry personally and she gave me a sample of her Premier 15 to try, I could instantly tell the differences between her product and any other product I have ever tried. Everything from taste, smell, the bottle, the dropper, and how I felt after only a couple uses was the best I have ever come across. I let my husband use some and he cannot believe how much better he feels. We definitely will be exclusively ordering from Ladybug Hemp from now on!! Thank you for all your help in our conversations Sherry!
  • Ladybug Hemp CBD Enteric Capsules help me cope with chronic Lyme disease. On most days I feel foggy, lethargic, and have constant nerve pain. I take 1-2 CBD Enteric Capsules every day and I immediately feel a boost in my energy and mental clarity. I appreciate the quality and intentionality that Ladybug Hemp puts into the making of this product. - Rebekah Villeneuve
  • SherRay's Heavenly Hemp night cream is clearly made from quality ingredients which nourish and moisturize without making my skin feel oily. The best part is the moisturized feeling lasts and my skin feel clean after applying. The next morning after I have used it my skin feels healthier!
  • Everyone is amazed! Last year my husband was suffering from pain in his glutes. That meant that walks were curtailed and he was using the scooters in the stores to get around. We tried everything medical and alternative. Finally Sherry developed the suppositories which made a big difference and then the enteric capsules which made doing the treatment easier and faster. Last night we went to a Valentines Dance and my smiling husband was pain free and dancing with me!!! He is also taking walks again and can easily play 18 holes of golf 🏌️. Friends are amazed at the improvements which have been mental as well as Physical . I feel that my prayers were answered.
  • Doggie Delight is a wonderful product. My 14 year old Labrador used to pant endlessly due to her stress from arthritis pain, loss of sight and hearing. The drops I added to her food made her final year so much more enjoyable. They relaxed her and she was able to follow me around the house and wag her tail -making for pleasant memories. Mary Kennewick, WA
  • "In April of 2019, my cat Shira had a bad urinary tract infection that needed treatment.  She was 20 years old and winding down. I learned from the vet that she had early kidney disease, and was pre-diabetic.  We treated her UTI successfully, and put her on a prescription diet for kidney support.  She had a seizure after starting the prescription diet, so I stopped it after the second day.  She was exhausted and miserable while being forced to take the antibiotics.  2 months later, she was full on diabetic, and her kidney disease had progressed to stage 2.  She seemed ready to go, and I didn’t want to give her multiple invasive tests, followed by daily insulin injections to prolong her life a few more months.  She’d had a great life, and I just wanted her to feel as comfortable as possible as she wound down. That’s when I started giving her Ladybug Hemp Kitty Kure CBD oil. I knew it was the best, most thoughtfully sourced and tested CBD oil I could buy.  A few drops in her food each day seemed to make her more comfortable.  After a couple weeks, she started to perk up.  She was spry for her age, still mentally aware, and having regular bowel and bladder movements.  Several months later, I noticed her urine was no longer smelling sweet from the diabetes, but had become pungent with ammonia again.  Her kidney disease has since reversed, and her progression of diabetes has slowed!  Most importantly, WITHOUT seizures or other harmful side effects!!  She’s still going strong, now 20+ years old, and there’s no doubt that Kitty Kure has kept my kitty going beyond everyone’s expectations. I can’t help but wonder how she’d be today, if I was able to give her Kitty Kure throughout her life."

    -Dr. Nicole Merriman, DC