What is CBD? It is a constituent in plants like marijuana, hemp and hops. These plants seem to be the main source of this substance, however, there may be others. Besides being used to smoke, vape, or ingest for pleasure and recreational use, CBD has wonderful medicinal benefits (when separated from its cousin THC). Some have stated that CBD requires some THC to be effective. “Horse Feathers!” If you know what you are doing, as Sherry does, you can replace THC with essential oils that can boost the CBD better than THC. This prevents the terrible effects THC can have on your brain and nervous system.

Why CBD? Because you have cannabidiol receptors in your body. If you are not meant to use CBD then why do we have these receptors? Our body welcomes CBD, CBC, CBG, and CBN. This has been known for more than 60 years but due to the presence of THC these plants were made illegal by our government to use or study.

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