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History of CBD

All animals may benefit from cannabis, like hemp, where THC is limited. In the 1990’s scientists discovered Endocannabinoid, the natural cannabis-like molecules produced by the human body. They seem to maintain “biological harmony.” The scientists...

CBD – What? Why? Where?

What is CBD? It is a constituent in plants like marijuana, hemp and hops. These plants seem to be the main source of this substance, however, there may be others. Besides being used to smoke, vape, or ingest for pleasure and recreational use, CBD has wonderful...
Essential Oils

Essential Oils

Essential oils hold the secrets to many health and skin problems. I first began working with them at the age of 17, while in high school studying Egyptology. I was fascinated by them and developed a closer understanding of all the things they could do: improve and...
CBD for my Lips?

CBD for my Lips?

Say YES to CBD! Moisturize and relieve your dry lips with our CBD-infused lip balm! It’s a great way to protect them from the elements of dry air, cold temperatures, and wind. The Skin Benefits of Hemp CBD Oil Go Way Beyond Moisturizing The omega-6 in hemp oil...

How to be Contained.

Containers. We need them for everything, but are they good for the product they hold?Most of the time, NO, because they are in plastic. Everything plastic is porous at some point, meaning that it has small pores where water, air, and microbes could potentially get in....

Why CBD?

Ladybug Hemp Organics products contain the following Cannabinoids from Organic Industrial Hemp.  Read the chart below to find out more on each different Cannabinoid and what it can help, regarding certain aliments and functions.   

All CBD is Preserved in Ultraviolet BioPhotonic Glass. The Only Glass to do so.