Essential oils hold the secrets to many health and skin problems. I first began working with them at the age of 17, while in high school studying Egyptology. I was fascinated by them and developed a closer understanding of all the things they could do: improve and heal so many things in and on the body.

In ancient Egypt, only the high priests’ were allowed to prepare essential oils, as they were gifts from the Gods. Being the powerful female she was, I was always intrigued by Cleopatra, and eager to know what potions were concocted for her. My first attempt was her honey and milk bathe, but to my disappoint I didn’t formulate it with the correct ingredients. I later found out I should have been using camel’s milk, not cow’s milk. You win some, you lose some.

Cleopatra’s favorite scent was said to be Ambrette seed oil. It comes from the hibiscus flower. The priests prepared her oils for both aromatherapy and her health. Their skills with essential oils are renowned, but unfortunately most of their formulas were lost in the Alexandria library fire around 48 BC. Without such a tragedy, I sometimes wonder where we would be in our advancements with modern medicine through the use of essential oils.

Fortunately, the lack of complete information from the Ancient Egyptians, forced me to do my own studies with my microscope. My Dad customized my microscope so I could switch from UV to infra red rays below my eyepiece. That is what made the difference in my studies. I could finally begin to draw (and see) the connections between essential oils and their healing properties. As a result, I have created many formulas, that all have essentials oils that enhance the body’s ability to heal and renew.