Containers. We need them for everything, but are they good for the product they hold?

Most of the time, NO, because they are in plastic. Everything plastic is porous at some point, meaning that it has small pores where water, air, and microbes could potentially get in. Cosmetics leach into the plastic they are placed in, and tubes are the worst. An Aluminum tube can cause oxidation of a product and should NEVER be used. Why it’s allowed is a mystery. Some companies do line the aluminum with a coating, but that isn’t good either. Tubes gobble up your mula by 7% to 10%. That’s how much product you lose from every tube! Soften the blow by cutting a slit at the bottom corner and push everything down to that corner to get 2% or 3% more out of the tube.

Glass is always best! Store your products in stainless or glass, you’ll be healthier for it. Oxidation is the culprit!